Autumn to May

Höfundur lags: Paul Stookey og Peter Yarrow Flytjandi: Mary , Paul og Peter Sent inn af: jonagust

Oh, o[C]nce I had a l[Bm]ittle dog, his c[C]olor it was b[D]rown,
I taug[C]ht him how to wh[Bm]istle, to si[C]ng and dance and r[D]un.  
His le[G]gs they w[Em]ere four[Bm]teen yards l[Bm7]ong, his [G]ears so [G/F#]very wi[Em]de,   
Aro[G]und the wo[Em]rld in [Bm]half a[Bm7/E] day, u      [C]pon him I could [D]ride.
S[G]ing t[C]arry-o-d[D]ay, S[Em]ing   [C] Autumn to M[D]ay.  

Oh, o[C]nce I had a l[Bm]ittle frog, he w[C]ore a vest of [D]red,
He l[C]eaned upon a s[Bm]ilver cane, a t[C]op hat on his he[D]ad.  
He'd s[G]peak of f[Em]ar off [Bm]places[Bm7/E], of thi[G]ngs to [G/F#]see and [Em]do,   
And [G]all the kings and [Em]queens he'd [Bm]met, while [C]sailing in a s[D]hoe.
S[G]ing t[C]arry-o-d[D]ay, S[Em]ing    [C] Autumn to Ma[D]y.  

Oh, [C]once I had a fl[Bm]ock of sheep, they gr[C]azed upon a f[D]eather.
I'd k[C]eep them in a [Bm]music box from w[C]ind and rainy we[D]ather.
And [G]every day the [Em]sun would s[Bm]hine,
[Â]Th  [Â]ey'd fly[G] all through the tow[Em]n   
To b[G]ring me back some g[Em]olden r[Bm]ings, and ca[C]ndy by the po[D]und.
S[G]ing ta[C]rry-o-d[D]ay, S[Em]ing    [C] Autumn to M[D]ay.  

Oh, o[C]nce I had a [Bm]downy swan, she w[C]as so very fr[D]ail,
She s[C]at upon an o[Bm]yster shell, and h[C]atched me out a sn[D]ail.
The sn[G]ail it ch[Em]anged i[Bm]nto a [Bm7/E]bird, the bi[G]rd to butterf[Em]ly,   
And[G] he who [Em]tells a [Bm]bigger [Bm7/E]tale would h[C]ave to tell a l[D]ie.  
[G]Sing [C]tarry-o-[D]day, [Em]Sing [C] Autumn to M[D]ay.  

Oh, once I had a little dog, his color it was brown,
I taught him how to whistle, to sing and dance and run.
His legs they were fourteen yards long, his ears so very wide,
Around the world in half a day, upon him I could ride.
Sing tarry-o-day, Sing Autumn to May.

Oh, once I had a little frog, he wore a vest of red,
He leaned upon a silver cane, a top hat on his head.
He'd speak of far off places, of things to see and do,
And all the kings and queens he'd met, while sailing in a shoe.
Sing tarry-o-day, Sing Autumn to May.

Oh, once I had a flock of sheep, they grazed upon a feather.
I'd keep them in a music box from wind and rainy weather.
And every day the sun would shine,
[Â]Th[Â]ey'd fly all through the town
To bring me back some golden rings, and candy by the pound.
Sing tarry-o-day, Sing Autumn to May.

Oh, once I had a downy swan, she was so very frail,
She sat upon an oyster shell, and hatched me out a snail.
The snail it changed into a bird, the bird to butterfly,
And he who tells a bigger tale would have to tell a lie.
Sing tarry-o-day, Sing Autumn to May.

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