Always Its You

Höfundur lags: Boudleaux Bryant og Felice Flytjandi: The Everly Brothers Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]When I feel down[Dm]hearted
[C]When I'm feeling [Dm]blue   
[C]When I'm low and [Dm]lonely
[C]Who do I turn [Dm]to   
It's [C]you [F]al-  [Fm]ways it's [C]you [Dm]    [G7]    

[C]When I'm dreaming [Dm]daydreams
[C]Who comes into [Dm]view   
[C]Who shares all my [Dm]daydreams
[C]Who makes them come [Dm]true   
It's [C]you [F]al-  [Fm]ways it's [C]you  

[Am]When I feel like [G7]smiling
[Am]You're the reason [G7]why   
[Dm]If I ever [Am]lost you
I'd [F]cry and [G7]cry   

[C]Oh hold me close [Dm]my true love
[C]Kiss me tender[Dm]ly   
[C]There is only [Dm]one love
[C]One alone for [Dm]me   
It's [C]you [F]al-  [Fm]ways it's [C]you  
[F]Al-  [Fm]ways it's [C]you  

When I feel downhearted
When I'm feeling blue
When I'm low and lonely
Who do I turn to
It's you al-ways it's you

When I'm dreaming daydreams
Who comes into view
Who shares all my daydreams
Who makes them come true
It's you al-ways it's you

When I feel like smiling
You're the reason why
If I ever lost you
I'd cry and cry

Oh hold me close my true love
Kiss me tenderly
There is only one love
One alone for me
It's you al-ways it's you
Al-ways it's you

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