Almost Persuaded

Höfundur lags: Billy Sherrill og Glenn Sutton Flytjandi: Tammy Wynette Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]Last night all alone [C7]in a bar[F]room
Met a [C]man with a drink in his [G7]hand   
He had [C]baby blue eyes [F]coal black hair
And a [C]smile that a [G7]girl under[C]stands

[G7]Then he [C]came and sat [C7]down at my [F]table
And as he [C]placed his hand over [G7]mine   
I [C]found myself [C7]wanting to [F]kiss him
For temp[C]tation was [G7]flowing like [C]wine

[G7]And I was [C]al-  [C7]most per[F]suaded
To [C]strip myself of my [G7]pride
[C]Al-  [C7]most per[F]suaded
To [C]push my [G7]conscience [C]aside

[G7]Then we [C]danced and he[C7] whispered [F]I need you
Let me[C] take you away and be your [G7]man   
Then I [C]looked into his [C7]eyes and I [F]saw it
The re[C]flection of [G7]my wedding [C]band

[G7]And I was al-[C7]most per[F]suaded
To [C]let strange lips lead me [G7]on   
[C]Al-  [C7]most per[F]suaded
But your [C]sweet love made me [G7]stop and go [C]home

Last night all alone in a barroom
Met a man with a drink in his hand
He had baby blue eyes coal black hair
And a smile that a girl understands

Then he came and sat down at my table
And as he placed his hand over mine
I found myself wanting to kiss him
For temptation was flowing like wine

And I was al-most persuaded
To strip myself of my pride
Al-most persuaded
To push my conscience aside

Then we danced and he whispered I need you
Let me take you away and be your man
Then I looked into his eyes and I saw it
The reflection of my wedding band

And I was al-most persuaded
To let strange lips lead me on
Al-most persuaded
But your sweet love made me stop and go home

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