All I Know

Höfundur lags: Lucy Fisher Sent inn af: Anonymous
[F]All I know[Bb] and all I see[F]    
Is the lov[Cm7]e You've placed in me[Gm7]    
I've f[Bb]ound what I've been searc[Eb]hing for
There's a [Cm7]fire inside of me[F]    
I [Bb]love the way it feels[F]    
You've [Cm7]turned my world around[Gm7]    
I k[Bb]now in Christ it's wort[Eb]h the wait
To [Cm7]see my life fulfilled[Fsus]    
[F]In Je[Bb]sus    [Dm7]    [Eb]Jesus[Bb/D]    
My [Cm7]life has been redeemed[Fsus]    [F]    
My [Cm7]soul has been renewed[Fsus]    [F]    
[Bb]Jesus [Dm7]    [Gsus]Je -      [G/B]- - sus[Cm7]    
I'll never let You go[Fsus]    [F]    
You'll [Cm7]never let me down[Fsus]    [F]    
You're [Eb]all my heart can hold[Fsus]    [F]    
My Je[Bb]sus    [Eb/F]    

All I know and all I see
Is the love You've placed in me
I've found what I've been searching for
There's a fire inside of me
I love the way it feels
You've turned my world around
I know in Christ it's worth the wait
To see my life fulfilled
In Jesus Jesus
My life has been redeemed
My soul has been renewed
Jesus Je - - - sus
I'll never let You go
You'll never let me down
You're all my heart can hold
My Jesus

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