A Mansion on the Hill

Höfundur lags: Fred Rose og Hank Williams Flytjandi: Hank Williams Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]Tonight down [G7]here in the [C]valley
I'm lone[C7]some and [F]oh how I [C]feel
As I sit here a[C7]lone in my [F]cabin
I can [C]see your [G7]mansion on the [C]hill

Do you re[G7]call when we [C]parted
The sto[C7]ry to [F]me you re[C]vealed
You said you could [C7]live without [F]love dear
In your [C]loveless [G7]mansion on the [C]hill

I've waited [G7]all through the [C]years love
To give [C7]you a [F]heart true and [C]real
Cause I know you're [C7]living in [F]sorrow
In your [C]loveless [G7]mansion on the [C]hill

The light shines [G7]bright from your [C]window
The trees [C7]stand so [F]silent and [C]still
I know you're a[C7]lone with your [F]pride dear
In your [C]loveless [G7]mansion on the [C]hill

Tonight down here in the valley
I'm lonesome and oh how I feel
As I sit here alone in my cabin
I can see your mansion on the hill

Do you recall when we parted
The story to me you revealed
You said you could live without love dear
In your loveless mansion on the hill

I've waited all through the years love
To give you a heart true and real
Cause I know you're living in sorrow
In your loveless mansion on the hill

The light shines bright from your window
The trees stand so silent and still
I know you're alone with your pride dear
In your loveless mansion on the hill

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