A Lonely Heart Knows

Höfundur lags: Hank Thompson Flytjandi: Hank Thompson Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]A lonely [F]heart [C]knows a lonely [F]sorrow
A lonely [G7]heart knows a troubled [C]mind
Down in a [F]heart [C]grows a sad [F]tomorrow
When in a [G7]heart flows a love that's [C]blind

When loves [G7]shadow is des[C]cending
And your [D7]tears fall like [G7]rain   
A lonely [F]heart [C]knows a fate that's [F]pending
A lonely [G7]heart knows only [C]pain

And when those [F]bonds [C]you resolve to [F]sever
To re-[G7]weld them with someone [C]new  
I hope [F]then [C]dear that you would [F]never
Know the [G7]pain that I've gone [C]through

Then you were [G7]cheated by your [C]new love
And your [D7]tears fell like [G7]rain   
And now you [F]know [C]dear that your [F]true love
With a lonely [G7]heart knows only [C]pain

A lonely heart knows a lonely sorrow
A lonely heart knows a troubled mind
Down in a heart grows a sad tomorrow
When in a heart flows a love that's blind

When loves shadow is descending
And your tears fall like rain
A lonely heart knows a fate that's pending
A lonely heart knows only pain

And when those bonds you resolve to sever
To re-weld them with someone new
I hope then dear that you would never
Know the pain that I've gone through

Then you were cheated by your new love
And your tears fell like rain
And now you know dear that your true love
With a lonely heart knows only pain

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