10 Lb Heart

Flytjandi: Chely Wright Sent inn af: Anonymous
[C]    [D7]    [F]    [G]    [C]    
[C]People say I care too much
[D7]I'm so emotional
A [F]tender soul who's o[G]ut of control [C]    
[C]I've been told a heart like mine
[D7]Is truly valuable
Wort[F]h even more than diamo[G]nds and gold [C]    

[C]I'm over[F]loaded with love [Am]    
[C]I've been saving[Am] up   
For so[F]meone else who c[C]an't get enough [D7]    
[F]I must [D7]have a 1[G]0 lb. hear[C]t  

A [F]ton of dev[C]otion
And [F]gallons of te[C]ars  
An ol[F]d flame still burni[C]ng  
[Am]From my 19th ye[F]ar  
Ex[F]ploding with passi[C]on  
And [F]raging romance [C]    
U[F]rging me cons[C]tantly to take one more c[Am]hance [F]    
And[F] let this lo[C]ve inside of me start [D7]    
F[F]lowing fr[D7]om my 10 lb. h[G]eart [C]    

[C]I need someone adventurous
[D7]This is serious
The t[F]imid hearted [G]need not apply[C]    
Fa[C]ithful and available
[D7]With some experience
In h[F]andling a heavy[G] desire [C]    

So no[C]w if I've described you [Am]    
And [C]you need someone who [Am]    
Can sha[F]re your dreams and make t[C]hem come true [D7]    
[F]Look ins[D7]ide my 10 [G]lb. heart [C]    

Repeat Chorus Twice

Please won[F]'t you help this love insi[C]de of me start [D7]    
[F]Flowing fr[D7]om this 10 lb.[G] heart [C]    

People say I care too much
I'm so emotional
A tender soul who's out of control
I've been told a heart like mine
Is truly valuable
Worth even more than diamonds and gold

I'm overloaded with love
I've been saving up
For someone else who can't get enough
I must have a 10 lb. heart

A ton of devotion
And gallons of tears
An old flame still burning
From my 19th year
Exploding with passion
And raging romance
Urging me constantly to take one more chance
And let this love inside of me start
Flowing from my 10 lb. heart

I need someone adventurous
This is serious
The timid hearted need not apply
Faithful and available
With some experience
In handling a heavy desire

So now if I've described you
And you need someone who
Can share your dreams and make them come true
Look inside my 10 lb. heart

Repeat Chorus Twice

Please won't you help this love inside of me start
Flowing from this 10 lb. heart

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