Árni Blandon

Árni studied music first with Karl Jónatansson at Kársnesskólinn, Kópavogur; the instrument was accordion. Then he sudied playing guitar with Gunnar Jónsson; at Tónskóli Emils he studied harmonica. Inn Gagnfræðaskóli Kópavogs he formed a band playing guitar and when entering Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð he formed the first school band in MH and the band Tatarar. When Tatarar got a recording contract with with the SG music publisher (Svavar Gests, the father of Máni Svavarsson) it was decided to translate into Icelandic the *Family* song Procession. On the original there is an obo part which Árni played on harmonica in the Icelandic version. A song was needed on the other side of the record, so Árni stayed up one night and wrote the song Dimmar rósir. The next night the band´s drummer, Magnús S. Magnússon, composed the lyrics.

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