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'Til the Money Runs Out

Check this[E7] strange beverage that f[E7]alls out from the sky
Splashin' Ba[E7]gdad on the hudson in pa[E7]nther martin's eyes
He's h[A7]igh and outside wearin' c[A7]andy apple red
Sc[E7]arlet gave him twenty seven sti[E7]tches in his head
With a p[B7]int of green chartreuse ain't no[A7]thin' seems right
You buy the su[E7]nday paper on a saturday night

Well c[E7]an't you hear the thunder, So[E7]meone stole my watch
I s[E7]old a quart of blood and bought a h[E7]alf a pint of scotch
S[A7]ome one tell those chinamen on tel[A7]egraph canyon road
W[E7]hen you're on the bill with the spoon there a[E7]in't no time to unload
So [B7]bye bye baby, B[A7]aby bye bye [E7]    

D[E7]roopy stranger lonely dreamer [E7]toy puppy and the prado
We're la[E7]ughin' as they piled into Ol[E7]mos' El Dorado
Je[A7]sus whispered eeany meany m[A7]eany miney moe,
They're t[E7]oo proud to duck their heads
That's why they b[E7]ring it down so low, So [B7]bye bye baby, [A7]Baby bye [E7]bye   

The po[E7]inted man is smack dab in the m[E7]iddle of july
Swi[E7]ngin' from the rafters in his br[E7]and new tie
He s[A7]aid I can't go back to that hotel room, A[A7]ll they do is shout
But I'll s[E7]tay wichew baby till the mo[E7]ney runs out
So [B7]bye bye baby B[A7]aby bye bye [E7]    
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