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Black Magic Woman

I got a black magic [Dm]woman,
I got a black magic [Am]woman
I got a [Dm]black magic woman,
got me so blind I can’t [Gm]see   
That she’s a [Dm]black magic woman
She´s [A]try’in to make a devil out of [Dm]me   

Turn your back on me [Dm]baby,
turn your back on me [Am]baby   
Turn your [Dm]back on me baby,
stop messin’ around with your [Gm]tricks
Don’t turn your [Dm]back on me baby,
You [A]might just wake up my magic [Dm]sticks

Got your spell on me [Dm]baby,
got your spell on me [Am]baby   
Got your [Dm]spell on me baby,
Turnin’ my heart into [Gm]stone
I [Dm]need you so bad,
Magic [A]woman I can’t leave you a[Dm]lone...
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