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House of the Rising Sun

Guitar intro TAB
There [Am]is a [C]house in [D]New Or[F]leans,
They [Am]call the [C]Rising [E]Sun, [E]    
And it's [Am]been the [C]ruin of [D]many a poor [F]boy,
And [Am]God, I [E]know I'm [Am]one. [C]    [D]    [F]    [Am]    [E]    [Am]    [E]    

My [Am]mother [C]was a [D]tailor, [F]    
She [Am]sewed my [C]new blue [E]jeans. [E]    
My [Am]father [C]was a [D]gambling [F]man,
[Am]Down in [E]New Or[Am]leans. [C]    [D]    [F]    [Am]    [E]    [Am]    [E]    

And the [Am]only [C]thing a [D]gambler [F]needs,
Is a [Am]suitcase [C]and a [E]trunk, [E]    
And the [Am]only [C]time he's [D]satis[F]fied,
Is [Am]when he's [E]all a-[Am]drunk. [C]    [D]    [F]    [Am]    [E]    [Am]    [E]    

I've [Am]got one [C]foot on the [D]platform, [F]    
The [Am]other foot [C]on the [E]train. [E]    
I'm [Am]going [C]back to [D]New Or[F]leans,
To [Am]wear the [E]ball and [Am]chain. [C]    [D]    [F]    [Am]    [E]    [Am]    [E]    

So [Am]mothers, [C] tell your [D]children, [F]    
Not to [Am]do what [C]I have [E]done. [E]    
Spend your [Am]life in [C]sin and [D]misery, [F]    
In the [Am]House of the [E]Rising [Am]Sun. [C]    [D]    [F]    [Am]    [E]    [Am]    [E]    
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