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All Along The Watchtower

[Am] There must be s[G]ome kind of way o[F]ut of here [G]    [Am]    
[Am] Said the joker [G]to the thief [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] There's too muc[G]h confusion [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] I can't get no [G]relief [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] Business men th[G]ey drink my wine [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] Plow men dig my[G] earth [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] None of them a[G]long the line [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] Know what any o[G]f it is worth [F]    [G]    [Am]    

[Am] No reason to ge[G]t excited [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] The thief he ki[G]ndly spoke [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] There are many [G]here among us [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] Who feel that l[G]ife is but a joke[F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] But you and I w[G]e've been through[F] that [G]    [Am]    
[Am] And this is not[G] our fate [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] So let us stop [G]talking falsely n[F]ow [G]    [Am]    
[Am] The hour's gett[G]ing late [F]    [G]    [Am]    

[Am] All along the w[G]atchtower [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] Princess kept t[G]he view [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] While all the w[G]omen came and wen[F]t [G]    [Am]    
[Am] Barefoot servan[G]ts too [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] Outside in the c[G]old distance [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] A wildcat did g[G]rowl [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] Two riders were[G] approaching [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] And the wind be[G]gan to howl [F]    [G]    [Am]    

[Am] All along the w[G]atchtower [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] All along the w[G]atchtower [F]    [G]    [Am]    
[Am] All along the w[G]atchtower [F]    [G]    [Am]    

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