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[G]    [D/F#]    [Em]    [D]    [Cadd9]    [D]    [G]    [D]    
[G] Another summer day
[D/F#] Is come and gone away
[Em] In Paris and Ro[D]me  
But I wanna go [C]home[Cadd9]    
M[D]mmm [G]    [D]    

[G] Maybe surrounded by
[D/F#] A million people I
[Em] Still feel all alo[D]ne  
I just wanna go [C]home[Cadd9]    
Oh I [D]miss you, y[G]ou know

And I've been [C]keeping all the letters
That I [Em]wrote to you
Each one a [Asus4]line or two [A]    
"I'm fine baby, [C]how are you?" [D]    
Well I would [C]send them
But I know that it's just [Em]not enough
My words were [F]cold and flat
And you deserve [D]more[Dsus] than     [D] that

[G] Another aeroplane
[D/F#] Another sunny place
[Em] I'm lucky I kn[D]ow  
But I wanna go [Cadd9]home      
Mmmm, I'[D]ve got to go [G]home [D]    

Let me go [G]hoo  [D/F#]ooooo     [Em]ome   [Em7]    
I'm just too [C]far from where you [Em]are   
I wanna come [G]home [D]    

[Break:]    [G]    [D/F#]    [Em]    [D]    [Cadd9]    [D]    [G]    

And I [C]feel just like I'm living
Someone [Em]else's life
It's like I just [Asus4]stepped outside [A]    
When everything was [C]going right [D]    
And I [C]know just why you could not
Come [Em]along with me
But this was [F]not your dream
But you always be[D]li  [Dsus]eved      [D]in me

[G] Another winter day has come
[D/F#] And gone away
[Em] And even Paris and Ro[D]me  
And I wanna go [C]home[Cadd9]    
[D]Let me go [G]home [D]    

[G] And I'm surrounded by
[D/F#] A million people I
[F]Still feel alone
Oh, let go [C]home[Cadd9]    
Oh, I [D]miss you, [G]you know [D]    

Let me go[G] ho  [D/F#]ooooo     [Em]oom   [Em7]e    
I've had my [C]run Baby, I'm [C]done
I [D]gotta go [G]home [D]    
Let me go[G] ho  [D/F#]ooooo     [Em]oom   [Em7]e    
It will alr[C]ight
I'll be home ton[D]ight
I'm coming back h[G]ome  

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