Song Author Allie Wrubel og Ray Gilbert Performer: James Baskett Submitted by: jonagust

[D]Zip a [G]dee d[A7]oo-d   [D]ah, [G]zip a [Em]dee a[D]y --
[G]My,  [Gdim] oh      [D]my, w[B7]hat a [E7]wonderful d[A]ay!  
[D]Plenty o[G]f s  [A7]un - s[D]hine h[G]eaded [Em]my wa[D]y --
[G]Zip a[Gdim] dee d     [D]oo-  [Bm7]dah,     [E7]zip a [A7]dee    [D]ay.  
[D]Mister b[A7]lue - [Em7]bird     [G]on   [Em7]my sh    [G]oul - d[D]er.  
[D]It's [A7]the t[E7]ruth, it's[Bm7-5] actual.
[A7]Everyth[Em7]ing is [A7]satis[Em7]factual.
[D]Zip a [G]dee d[A7]oo-d   [D]ah, [G]zip a [Em]dee    [D]ay --
[G]Won - der - [Gdim]ful f     [D]eel - [Bm7]in', [E7]won -[Bm7-5] der - f[A7]ul d   [D]ay.  

Zip a dee doo-dah, zip a dee ay --
My, oh my, what a wonderful day!
Plenty of sun - shine headed my way --
Zip a dee doo-dah, zip a dee ay.
Mister blue - bird on my shoul - der.
It's the truth, it's[Bm7-5] actual.
Everything is satisfactual.
Zip a dee doo-dah, zip a dee ay --
Won - der - ful feel - in', won -[Bm7-5] der - ful day.


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