You Took Advantage of Me

Song Author Lorenz Hart og Richard Rodgers Performer: Linda Ronstadt Submitted by: jonagust

[G]I'm a [G/F#]sen - ti -[Em7] men -[C#m7-5] tal        [Am7]sap, that's [D9]all   
W[G]hat's the [G/F#]use of [Em7]try -    [Edim] ing      [Am7]not to f[D7]all?   
I [G9]have   [Fdim] no wi     [G]ll, y[G7]ou've m[C]ade [C/B]your    [Cm7-5] kill      
'[Edim]Cause you t[G]ook [Em7]ad -     [Am7]van - tage[Cdim] of      [G]me!  

[G]I'm just [G/F#]like an[Em7] ap -    [C#m7-5] ple        [Am7]on a bo[D9]ugh   
[G]And you're[G/F#] gon - na [Em7]shake    [Edim] me d     [Am7]own some -[D7] how   
So, w[G9]hat's[Fdim] the u     [G]se? [G7]You've co[C]oked[C/B] my     [Cm7-5]goose      
[Edim]'Cause you to[G]ok   [Em7]ad -     [Am7]van - tage[Cdim] of m     [G]e!  

[Em]I'm so [B+]hot and b[Em7]oth - ered [Em6]that     [B7]I    [Cdim]don't k[Em]now   
[Em7]My     [C]el - [C/B]bow     [Am7]from    [Cdim] my e     [G]ar   [B7]    
I [Em]suf - fer s[B+]ome - thing [Em7]aw - ful e[Em6]ach t    [B7]ime   [Cdim] you      [Em]go   
[Em7]And     [C]much [C/B]worse w[Am7]hen     [Cdim]you're n[G]ear. [D7]    

[G]Here am[G/F#] I with [Em7]all     [C#m7-5] my b       [Am7]rid - ges bu[D9]rned   
[G]Just a [G/F#]babe in [Em7]arms     [Edim]where y[Am7]ou're con - ce[D7]rned   
So l[G9]ock   [Fdim] the d     [G]oors [G7]and c[C]all  [C/B] me     [Cm7-5]yours      
[Edim]'Cause you to[G]ok   [Em7]ad -     [Am7]van 0 tage[Cdim] of      [G]me.  

I'm a sen - ti - men -[C#m7-5] tal sap, that's all
What's the use of try - ing not to fall?
I have no will, you've made your[Cm7-5] kill
'Cause you took ad - van - tage of me!

I'm just like an ap -[C#m7-5] ple on a bough
And you're gon - na shake me down some - how
So, what's the use? You've cooked my [Cm7-5]goose
'Cause you took ad - van - tage of me!

I'm so hot and both - ered that I don't know
My el - bow from my ear
I suf - fer some - thing aw - ful each time you go
And much worse when you're near.

Here am I with all [C#m7-5] my brid - ges burned
Just a babe in arms where you're con - cerned
So lock the doors and call me [Cm7-5]yours
'Cause you took ad - van 0 tage of me.


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