You Don´t Know What Love Is

Song Author George DePaul og Don Raye Lyrics by: George DePaul og Don Raye Performer: Dinah Washington Submitted by: Anonymous
[E7]You    [A9]don't know what [Fdim]love is
[Am]'Til [A9]you've [Am]learned [G/B]the m    [E7]eaning[Em7-5] of       [E7]the bl[Am]ues;   
Un[Dm]til you've [Dm+7]loved a l[F]ove you've h[G7]ad    [Fdim] to lo     [Am]se,   
[Dm]You   [Em7-5] don't know [E7]    [E7-9]what      [Em7-5]love       [E7]is.   

[E7]You    [A9]don't know how [Fdim]lips hurt
Un[Am]til y[A9]ou've k[Am]issed and [G/B]had     [E7]to    [Em7-5] pay       [E7]the c[Am]ost;   
Un[Dm]til you've [Dm+7]flipped your h[F]eart and [G7]you   [Fdim] have      [Am]lost,
[Dm]You   [Em7-5] don't know [E7] w   [E]hat [A9]love [Am]is.   

[G]Do you [G7]know [Fdim]how a l[C]ost heart [Cm7]fears    
At the t[G]hought of [Am7]rem -    [G/B] i -     [C]nis - cing,
And how [Dm7]lips that [Fdim]taste of t[C]ears
[F]Lose their [Bbm9]taste for [Em7-5]kissing? [E7]    

[E7]You    [A9]don't know how [Fdim]hearts burn
[Am]For l[A9]ove t[Am]hat c[G/B]an - not [E7]live   [Em7-5] yet n      [E7]ever d[Am]ies.   
Un[Dm]til you've [Dm+7]faced each d[F]awn with s[G7]leep - [Fdim]less e     [Am]yes,   
[Dm]You   [Em7-5] don't know [E7] w   [E]hat [A9]love [Am]is.   

You don't know what love is
'Til you've learned the meaning[Em7-5] of the blues;
Until you've loved a love you've had to lose,
You[Em7-5] don't know [E7-9]what [Em7-5]love is.

You don't know how lips hurt
Until you've kissed and had to [Em7-5] pay the cost;
Until you've flipped your heart and you have lost,
You[Em7-5] don't know what love is.

Do you know how a lost heart fears
At the thought of rem - i - nis - cing,
And how lips that taste of tears
Lose their taste for [Em7-5]kissing?

You don't know how hearts burn
For love that can - not live[Em7-5] yet never dies.
Until you've faced each dawn with sleep - less eyes,
You[Em7-5] don't know what love is.


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