You Can´t Be True, Dear

Song Author Hal Cotton , Hans Otten og Ken Griffin Lyrics by: Hal Cotton , Hans Otten og Ken Griffin Performer: Patti Page Submitted by: Anonymous
[E]You [Cdim]can't      [E]be t[A]rue, [D9]dear; [A]    
There's [Cdim]noth - i[A]ng   [E7/6]more to s[E7]ay,   
I [Cdim]trus - [E7]ted    [E7/6]you, d     [E7]ear,   
[Cdim]Ho -      [E7]ping [A]we'd f[D9]ind    [Bm7-5] a w      [A]ay.  
Y[E]our [Cdim]kiss - e[E]s t  [A]ell [D9]me [A7]    
That[Cdim] you and [D]I are t[Bm7]hrough, [Bm7-5]    
But [Cdim]I'll keep l[A]ov - i[A9]ng y   [A]ou,  
[A7]Al - t[E7]hough you [E6]can't [E7]be t   [D9]rue. [Bm7-5]    [A]    

You can't be true, dear;
There's noth - ing more to say,
I trus - ted you, dear,
Ho - ping we'd find [Bm7-5] a way.
Your kiss - es tell me
That you and I are through, [Bm7-5]
But I'll keep lov - ing you,
Al - though you can't be true. [Bm7-5]


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