Yesterday I Heard the Rain

Song Author Gene Lees og Armando Manzanero Performer: Tony Bennett Submitted by: kjartansverrisson

Y[A7]es - ter - [G]day I h[D]eard t[A7]he ra[D]in, w[G]his - per - i[D]ng   [A7]your n[D]ame,
[Em7/9] Ask -       [Em7]ing where [G/B]you'd g[A7]one; [Em7]    [A7]    
It fell s[G]oft - ly [Cdim]from the c[Em7]louds [G]on the [B7]si - lent cr[A7]owds,
[G]As   [D]I wan - d[A7]ered o[D]n. [Dm7]    [D7]    
[Cdim]Out of d[G]oor - ways,[G/F#] black umb[B7]rellas came[Cdim] to pur[Em]sue me,[B+]    [Em7]    [Em6]    
Faceless [C#7]people[Cdim(iv)] as they p[C#7]assed    
Were [Cdim]looking th[F#m]rough me [F#m+7] --       [Edim] no one [Em7]knew me. [A7]    
[A7]Yes - ter - d[G]ay I s[D]hut [A7]my e   [D]yes, f[G]ace-up [D]to   [A7]the sk[D]ies,
[Em7/9]Drinkin'[Em7] in     [G/B]the r    [A7]ain; [Em7]    [A7]    
But your [G]im - age [Cdim]still was t[Em7]here, fl[G]oat - ing i[B7]n the a[A7]ir,   
B[Gdim]right - er [G/B]than     [A7+5] a f     [Dm7]lame.    
[D7]Yes - ter - d[G]ay   [G/F#] I [C#m7-5] saw a        [F#]cit - y, [F#7]    
[Edim]Full of [Bm]sha - dows, [Bm/E] with - out[E7/9] pit -     [E7] y,   
[Edim]And I he[D9]ard t[D]he stead -[Dm7] y     [D+5]rain w[G6]his - [G5]per - [G/B]ing y    [A7]our    [A7+5]name,     
[D9]Whis - [D]per - ing [Dm7]your n[D]ame.

Yes - ter - day I heard the rain, whis - per - ing your name,
Ask - ing where you'd gone;
It fell soft - ly from the clouds on the si - lent crowds,
As I wan - dered on.
Out of door - ways, black umbrellas came to pursue me,
Faceless people[Cdim(IV)] as they passed
Were looking through me -- no one knew me.
Yes - ter - day I shut my eyes, face-up to the skies,
Drinkin' in the rain;
But your im - age still was there, float - ing in the air,
Bright - er than a flame.
Yes - ter - day I [C#m7-5] saw a cit - y,
Full of sha - dows, with - out pit - y,
And I heard the stead - y rain whis - per - ing your name,
Whis - per - ing your name.


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