Yellow Days

Song Author Alan Bernstein og Alvaro Carillo Lyrics by: Alan Bernstein og Alvaro Carillo Performer: Frank Sinatra Submitted by: Anonymous

I [A7]do re - [E7]mem -[E7/9] ber [A7]    
When the s[E7]un - l[E7/9]ight had a s[A]pec - [A6]ial    [A7]kind [A]of br[D6]ightness
And the l[B7]aughter [Cdim]held a [B7]lover's[Bm7-5] kind of lightn[E7]ess --
[Fdim]Yellow d[A7]ays, [Em7]    [A7] y   [A7+5]ellow da[D6]ys. [Cdim]    [Em7]    [A7]    

Sh[A7]e would [E7]hold [E7/9]me [A7]    
And the s[E7]mile w[E7/9]ould spread [A]a - ro[A6]und    [A7]us    [A]so comp[D6]letely
And the s[B7]oftness[Cdim] of a k[B7]iss would[Bm7-5] linger s[E7]weetly --
[Fdim]Yellow d[A7]ays,   [Em7]    [A7]    [A7+5]yellow d[D6]ays. [Fdim]    [A7]    [Fdim]    [D]    

But t[D7]hen came t[B7]hunder and I [Cdim]heard her [B7]say "goo[Cdim]dbye"     
Through t[E7]ears of w[A6]onder,
Now [Am]I'm alone and my [Cdim]heart wants to k[G]now [G/F#]    
[E7/9]Yel - low [E7]days, [Bm7-5]where'd you [A7]go?   

L[A7]ife is [E7]emp -[E7/9] ty [A7]    
And the [E7]sun - [E7/9]light seems [A]so harsh [A6]in - s[A7]tead [A]of t[D6]ender
And the la[B7]ughter's [Cdim]just an e[B7]cho   [Bm7-5] I re - [E7]mem - ber --
From [Fdim]yellow d[A7]ays,   [Em7]    [A7]    [A7+5]yellow d[D6]ays, [Fdim]    [A7]    [Fdim]    [G]    [Edim]    
[Fdim]Yel - low d[D]ays. [Em7]    [A7+5]    [D]    

I do re - mem - ber
When the sun - light had a spec - ial kind of brightness
And the laughter held a lover's[Bm7-5] kind of lightness --
Yellow days, yellow days.

She would hold me
And the smile would spread a - round us so completely
And the softness of a kiss would[Bm7-5] linger sweetly --
Yellow days, yellow days.

But then came thunder and I heard her say "goodbye"
Through tears of wonder,
Now I'm alone and my heart wants to know
Yel - low days, [Bm7-5]where'd you go?

Life is emp - ty
And the sun - light seems so harsh in - stead of tender
And the laughter's just an echo[Bm7-5] I re - mem - ber --
From yellow days, yellow days,
Yel - low days.


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