Wouldn´t It Be Loverly

Song Author Alan Jay Lerner og Frederick Loewe Performer: Julie Andrews Submitted by: jonagust

[D]All I w[D7]ant is a r[G]oom somew[Gm]here,
[D]Far a - [Bm7]way from the c[E7]old night [A]air.
[D]With [F#m]one e - [Am7]nor - mous c[B7]hair,
[Gdim]Aoh, w     [D]ou  [-]ld  [B7] - n't it be[Em7/9] lov -       [Em7]er - ly? [A7]    

L[D]ots [A7]of c   [D]hoc'l[D7/9]ates for [G]me   [G/F#] to      [Em7]eat,    
L[D]ots [A7]of co[D]al m[D9]akin' l[E7]ots of 'e[A]at.  
[D]Warm [F#m]face, warm '[Am7]ands, warm f[B7]eet,   
[Gdim]Aoh, w     [D]ould - [Bm7]n't     [G]it   [Gdim]    [A7/6] be l     [D9]ov - er - l[D]y?  

A[A]oh,  [Edim] so lo     [E7]verly [D9]sittin'[Cdim] ab - so -[Bm7-5] bloom - in' - l[A]ute -[C#7] ly s[F#m]till.    
[D6]I w[C#7]ould     [F#m]nev     [C#m7-5]- er b       [Edim]udge 't[B7]ill sp[E]ring [Edim]crept      [Em7]over me windows[A7]ill.   

[D]Some[A7]one's 'e[D]ad r[D9]estin' [G]on my kn[Gm]ee,   
W[D]arm [A7]an' t[D]en - [D9]der as [E7]'e can [A]be.  
[D]'ho t[F#m]akes g[Bm7]ood c    [Am7]are     [D9]of    [B7]me,   

[Gdim]Aoh, w     [D]ould - [Bm7]n't     [G]it   [Gdim]    [A7/6] be l     [D9]ov - er - l[D]y?  
[A9]Lov - er - l[A]y, l[D9]ov - er - [D]ly, [D7]    [G9]lov - er - [G]ly, l[D]ov - [G]er   [Em7] -     [D]ly.  

All I want is a room somewhere,
Far a - way from the cold night air.
With one e - nor - mous chair,
Aoh, wou[-]ld - n't it be lov - er - ly?

Lots of choc'lates for me to eat,
Lots of coal makin' lots of 'eat.
Warm face, warm 'ands, warm feet,
Aoh, would - n't it be lov - er - ly?

Aoh, so loverly sittin' ab - so -[Bm7-5] bloom - in' - lute - ly still.
I would nev [C#m7-5]- er budge 'till spring crept over me windowsill.

Someone's 'ead restin' on my knee,
Warm an' ten - der as 'e can be.
'ho takes good care of me,

Aoh, would - n't it be lov - er - ly?
Lov - er - ly, lov - er - ly, lov - er - ly, lov - er - ly.


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