Wonderful, Wonderful!

Song Author Ben Raleigh og Sherman Edwards Lyrics by: Ben Raleigh og Sherman Edwards Performer: Johnny Mathis Submitted by: Anonymous
S[A6]ometimes we wa[D6]lk hand in ha[A6]nd by the[D6] sea   
A[A6]nd we b[D6]reathe in the c[A6]ool, salty air;
Y[D6]ou turn to [G6]me with a [D6]kiss in your e[G6]yes,   
And my h[D]eart [Bm7-5]feels a [Fdim(iii)] thrill b          [Fdim]eyond com[Dm6]pare.    
Then your [F#m]lips cling to [F#m7]mine,     
It's [Bm7]wonderful,[Fdim] won - der - [Dm6]ful,     [A]oh, so [B7]won-de[Bm7-5]r-ful my [Fdim]love. [E7]    

S[A6]ometimes we st[D6]and on the [A6]top of a [D6]hill   
A[A6]nd we gaze at the e[D6]arth and the [A6]sky;   
[D6]I turn to [G6]you, and you m[D6]elt in my a[G6]rms;   
There we ar[D]e, d[Bm7-5]arling,      [Fdim(iii)] only           [Fdim] you and[Dm6] I,    
What a [F#m]moment we [F#m7]share,     
It's wo[Bm7]nderful, [Gdim]won-der-[Dm6]ful, o[A]h, so w[B7]onderful my l[A]ove. [Bm]    [Cdim]    [A]    

The w[Dm7]orld is fu[D6]ll of w[Em7]on'drous th[A7]ings, it's tr[D]ue,  
But they w[F#m7]ouldn't have much [D6]meaning w[B7]ithout [E7]you.   

S[A6]ome quiet e[D6]venings I s[A6]it by your s[D6]ide   
And we're l[A6]ost in a [D6]world of our [A6]own;   
[D6]I feel the gl[G6]ow of your [D6]unspoken [G6]love,
[D]I'm [Bm7-5]aware of the [Fdim(iii)]treasure           [Fdim]that I [Dm6]own;    
And I [F#m]say to mys[F#m7]elf,     
"It's w[Bm7]onderful, [Fdim]won-der-[Dm6]ful, o[A]h, so w[B7]onderful my l[A]ove." [D9]    

I [F#m]say to my[F#m7]self, " It's [Bm7]wonderful,[Gdim] won-der-[Dm6]ful,    
[A]Oh, [D]so w[B7]onderful [E7]my lo[A]ve."

Sometimes we walk hand in hand by the sea
And we breathe in the cool, salty air;
You turn to me with a kiss in your eyes,
And my heart [Bm7-5]feels a [Fdim(III)] thrill beyond compare.
Then your lips cling to mine,
It's wonderful, won - der - ful, oh, so won-de[Bm7-5]r-ful my love.

Sometimes we stand on the top of a hill
And we gaze at the earth and the sky;
I turn to you, and you melt in my arms;
There we are, d[Bm7-5]arling,[Fdim(III)] only you and I,
What a moment we share,
It's wonderful, won-der-ful, oh, so wonderful my love.

The world is full of won'drous things, it's true,
But they wouldn't have much meaning without you.

Some quiet evenings I sit by your side
And we're lost in a world of our own;
I feel the glow of your unspoken love,
I'm [Bm7-5]aware of the [Fdim(III)]treasure that I own;
And I say to myself,
"It's wonderful, won-der-ful, oh, so wonderful my love."

I say to myself, " It's wonderful, won-der-ful,
Oh, so wonderful my love."


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