Wonderful Tonight

Song Author Eric Clapton Lyrics by: Eric Clapton Performer: Eric Clapton Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]    [D/F#]    [C]    [D]    
[G]    [D/F#]    [C]    [D]    
[G]It's late in the eve[D/F#]ning     
[C]She's wonderin' what cl[D]othes to wear,[G]    
She put's on her m[D/F#]ake-up, and
br[C]ushes her lo[D]ng-long hair;

[C]And then she [D]asked me,
[G]do i l[D/F#]ook alrig[Em]ht ?   
And I said, Y[C]es,  
You are W[D]onderful To[G]night [D/F#]    [C]    [D]    

[G]We go to a p[D/F#]arty,     
[C]and everyone t[D]urns see,
[G]this beautiful la[D/F#]dy,     
[C]whose walking ar[D]ound on me

[C] And then she as[D]ked me,
[G]do you [D/F#]feel alr[Em]ight ?
And I said, y[C]es,  
I feel W[D]onderful To[G]night [G7]    

I feel w[C]onderful bec[D]ause i see the [G]love,
right [D/F#]in your e[Em]yes,   
And the wo[C]nder of it [D]all, is that you [C]just
don't real[D]ize how much i [G]love you [D/F#]    [C]    [D]    
[G]    [D/F#]    [C]    [D]    

[G] It's time to go [D/F#]home now[C],  
and i've got an aching [D]head,
[G]So I gave her the [D/F#]car key,
[C]and she helps me to [D]bed  

[C]And then I [D]tell her,
[G]as I [D/F#]turn off the [Em]lights,
I said, My [C]Darling, You are [D]wonderful tonight
Oh.. My [C]Darling You are [D]wonderful To[G]night [D/F#]    [C]    [D]    
[G]    [D/F#]    [C]    [D]    

It's late in the evening
She's wonderin' what clothes to wear,
She put's on her make-up, and
brushes her long-long hair;

And then she asked me,
do i look alright ?
And I said, Yes,
You are Wonderful Tonight

We go to a party,
and everyone turns see,
this beautiful lady,
whose walking around on me

And then she asked me,
do you feel alright ?
And I said, yes,
I feel Wonderful Tonight

I feel wonderful because i see the love,
right in your eyes,
And the wonder of it all, is that you just
don't realize how much i love you

It's time to go home now,
and i've got an aching head,
So I gave her the car key,
and she helps me to bed

And then I tell her,
as I turn off the lights,
I said, My Darling, You are wonderful tonight
Oh.. My Darling You are wonderful Tonight


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