Where Are You

Song Author Harold Adamson og Jimmy McHugh Performer: Frank Sinatra Submitted by: kjartansverrisson

[A]Where [Am7]are     [Fdim]you?     
[D9]Where have you [Dm6]gone     [E7]with - [Ab]out    [Am7]me?    
[E7]I thought you c[B7]ared   [Cdim] a - b     [Ab]out    [Am7]me --    
W[D9]here [Dm6]are y    [A]ou? [Edim]    [E7]    

W[A]here's[Am7] my     [Fdim]heart?     
[D9]Where is the d[Dm6]ream     [E7]we s   [Ab]tar - [Am7]ted?    
[E7]I can't be - l[B7]ieve [Cdim]we're p[Ab]art -[Am7] ed --
[Fdim]Where      [E7]are y[A]ou?  

W[D9]hen we [Cdim]said good-[E7]bye, Love,
W[A]hat [D9]had    [A]we   [E7]to g   [A]ain?
W[D9]hen I [Cdim]gave you [C#7]my love,
W[D9]as it[Cdim] all in va[E7]in?   

[A]All [Am7]life t[Fdim]hrough,
[D9]Must I go[Dm6] on p    [E7]re - t[Ab]end - [Am7]ing?    
[E7]Where is that [B7]hap -[Cdim] py e     [Ab]nd - [Am7]ing?    
[Fdim]Where      [E7]are    [F#7]you? Wh[D]ere  [E7/6] are y     [A]ou?  

Where are you?
Where have you gone with - out me?
I thought you cared a - bout me --
Where are you?

Where's my heart?
Where is the dream we star - ted?
I can't be - lieve we're part - ed --
Where are you?

When we said good-bye, Love,
What had we to gain?
When I gave you my love,
Was it all in vain?

All life through,
Must I go on pre - tend - ing?
Where is that hap - py end - ing?
Where are you? Where are you?


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