Where are you Christmas

Song Author James Horner Lyrics by: Mariah Carey , Will Jennings og James Horner Performer: Faith Hill Submitted by: karlotta1997
Capo on fret 1

[A]    [E]    [D]    [E]    
[A]    [E]    [D]    [E]    
[A]Where are you c[E]hristmas, [D]why cant i f[E]ind you
[A]Why have you g[E]one a[D]w--  [E]ay  
[A]Where is the l[E]aughter, y[D]ou used to b[E]ring me
[A]Why can't I h[E]ear music p[D]l--  [E]ay  
[D]My world is c[A]hanging, [D]I'm rearr[A]anging
[D]Does that mean c[A]hristmas [Bm]cha-   [E]-nges t[A]oo  

[E]    [D]    [E]    
[A]Where are you c[E]hristmas, [D]do you rememb[E]er  
[A]The one you u[E]sed to k[D]n--  [E]ow  
[D]I´m not the s[A]ame one, s[D]ee what the t[A]ime´s done
[D]Is that why y[A]ou had [Bm]le--   [E]t me [A]go  

[F#m]Christmas is h[C#]ere everywhe[A]re o[C#]oh   
[F#m]Christmas is h[C#]ere if you c [A]a--re oh oh oh
[D]If there is l[E]ove in your he[C#m]art and your m[D]ind  
[Bm]You will feel like christmas all the t[E]ime [F#]    

[B]I feel you c[F#]hristmas, [E]i know i f[F#]ound you
[B]You never f[F#]ade aw[E]---  [F#]ay    [C#]    
[C#]The joy of ch[G#]ristmas, st[F#]ays here ins[G#]ide us
[C#]Fills each and e[G#]very h[F#]e---   [G#]art with l[C#]ove   
[G#]    [F#]    [G#]    
Where are you c[C#]hristmas [G#]    
Fill your h[F#]eart with love[G#] m[C#]mmm   

Where are you christmas, why cant i find you
Why have you gone aw--ay
Where is the laughter, you used to bring me
Why can't I hear music pl--ay
My world is changing, I'm rearranging
Does that mean christmas cha--nges too

Where are you christmas, do you remember
The one you used to kn--ow
I´m not the same one, see what the time´s done
Is that why you had le--t me go

Christmas is here everywhere ooh
Christmas is here if you c a--re oh oh oh
If there is love in your heart and your mind
You will feel like christmas all the time

I feel you christmas, i know i found you
You never fade aw---ay
The joy of christmas, stays here inside us
Fills each and every he---art with love

Where are you christmas
Fill your heart with love mmmm


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