When They Ask About You

Song Author Sam H. Stept Performer: Jimmy Dorsey og Kitty Kallen Vocal Submitted by: Anonymous

Intro Verse:
[D9]I'm so afr[G7]aid of g[Am7]oin'     [G7]out, and[D9] I'm so ti[G7]red of s[Am7]tayin' [G]in,  
[G]My   [D9]future d[G]oesn't l[Am7]ook ser[G7]ene;   
'Cause ev'ry [C7]time I go[C7/G] out, I [Gdim]wish that I'd stayed[Edim] in --     
It's [C7]always the [Cdim]same rout[D7]ine.   

W[D9]hen I [Am7]go     [Cdim]for a w[G]alk  [Am7]    [Cm7-5]    [G] and meet old f[Am7]riends [D9]we k   [G]new,[Am7]    [D9]    [G]    
We sit ar[G7]ound and just t[C]alk, [Em7]    [Edim]    [D7] then they [Am7]ask a    [Cdim]bout y     [G]ou.  

[D9]What's the go[Am7]od i    [Cdim]f I s     [G]ay   [Am7]    [Cm7-5]    [G] that you and[Am7] I     [D9]are    [G]thru[Am7]?     [D9]    [G]    
I t[G7]ell them you're aw[C]ay   [Em7]    [Edim]    [D7] when they [Am7]ask a    [Cdim]bout y     [G]ou.  [C]    [Cdim]    [G]    

They wonder w[G7]here we've [Am]been and w[C]hy we [Cdim]never c[G6]all, [Am7]    [Cdim]    [G]    
[G]I t  [G6]ake    [G5]it    [G6]on    [Cdim]the c     [A]hin  [Em7]    [A] until the t[Em7]eardr    [A7]ops f[D7]all. [Am7]    [Cm7-5]    [D7]    

[D9]They don't mea[Am7]n to    [Cdim] be s     [G]mar  [Am7]t,     [Cm7-5]    [G] but if they[Am7] on - [D9]ly k   [G]new,[Am7]    [D9]    [G]    
They're s[G7]tepping on my h[C]ear  [Em7]t     [Edim]    [D7] when they [Am7]ask a    [Cdim]bout y     [G]ou.  

Intro Verse:
I'm so afraid of goin' out, and I'm so tired of stayin' in,
My future doesn't look serene;
'Cause ev'ry time I go out, I wish that I'd stayed in --
It's always the same routine.

When I go for a walk [Cm7-5] and meet old friends we knew,
We sit around and just talk, then they ask about you.

What's the good if I say [Cm7-5] that you and I are thru?
I tell them you're away when they ask about you.

They wonder where we've been and why we never call,
I take it on the chin until the teardrops fall. [Cm7-5]

They don't mean to be smart, [Cm7-5] but if they on - ly knew,
They're stepping on my heart when they ask about you.


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