When Somebody Thinks You´re Wonderful

Song Author Harry Woods Performer: Fats Waller Submitted by: jonagust

[D]When som[F#m]ebody    [Cdim(iv)] thinks you're[C#7] wonderful
[D]What a difference[F#m] in your [B7]day   
[E7/9]Seems      [E7]as t   [G/B]hough [Em7]your     [E7/9]troub - l[E7]es    [G/B]dis - [Em7]ap -     [A7/6]pear     
[E7/9]Like a [G/B]fea - ther[A7/6] in y     [A7]our w[D]ay   [Fdim]    [A7]    

[D]When som[F#m]ebody    [Cdim(iv)] thinks you're [C#7]wonderful
[D]Tells you with a [F#m]smile so [B7]sweet
[E7/9]What a     [E7]re    [G/B]lit - [Em7]tle s    [E7/9]tones yo[E7]u're [G/B]step - [Em7]pin'     [A7/6] on     
[E7/9]Just a [G/B]mea - [Em7]dow '    [A7/6]neath y[A7]our f[D]eet  

And [A7]how    [Em7]you m    [A7]eet t[G]he m[D]orning [Bm7]    
Y[D]ou   [A7]gai - [Em7]ly s    [A7]wing [G]a - l[D]ong  
At n[Cdim]ight you [B7]may be w[Em]eary   
[B7]But your h[E7]eart s[G/B]till s[A7]ings   [Em7] a s    [A7]ong   

[D]When somebody [Cdim(iv)]thinks you're [C#7]wonderful
[D]Love is mighty c[F#m]lose to y[B7]ou   
[E7/9]Just      [E7]an - [G/B]oth -    [Em7] er t    [E7/9]hing      [E7]more [A7/6]won -      [A7]der -[A7/6] ful     
[E7/9]Making [G/B]all her d[A7/6]reams c[A7]ome t[D]rue  

When somebody[Cdim(IV)] thinks you're wonderful
What a difference in your day
Seems as though your troub - les dis - ap - pear
Like a fea - ther in your way

When somebody[Cdim(IV)] thinks you're wonderful
Tells you with a smile so sweet
What are lit - tle stones you're step - pin' on
Just a mea - dow 'neath your feet

And how you meet the morning
You gai - ly swing a - long
At night you may be weary
But your heart still sings a song

When somebody [Cdim(IV)]thinks you're wonderful
Love is mighty close to you
Just an - oth - er thing more won - der - ful
Making all her dreams come true


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