When My Sugar Walks Down the Street

Song Author Irving Mills , Jimmy McHugh og Gene Austin Lyrics by: Irving Mills , Jimmy McHugh og Gene Austin Performer: Peggy Lee Submitted by: Anonymous
Wh[E]en my s[E6]ugar [E]walks d[F#7]own the street,
[Cdim]All the little [B7]birdies go "[E]Tweet, tweet, tweet,"
And [E6]in the [Edim]evenin' when the[B7/9] sun go d[B7]own,   
[B7/9]It's never [B7]dark when [E6]he's aro[E]und.

He[E]'s so affect[E6]iona   [E]te, I[F#7]'ll say this --
[Cdim]And when he kis[B7]ses me, [E]I stay kissed.
[E]When my [Bm7-5]sugar walks [F#m]down the [Edim]street,
The little [B7]birdies go "[Cdim]Tweet, tweet, t[E]weet."

When my sugar walks down the street,
All the little birdies go "Tweet, tweet, tweet,"
And in the evenin' when the sun go down,
It's never dark when he's around.

He's so affectionate, I'll say this --
And when he kisses me, I stay kissed.
When my [Bm7-5]sugar walks down the street,
The little birdies go "Tweet, tweet, tweet."


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