When I think of angels

Song Author KK Lyrics by: KK Performer: Ellen Kristjánsdóttir og KK Submitted by: rosadrofn
[G]When I think of [Em]angels
[C]I think of [G]you  
And your [Em]flaming red hair
and the [C]things that you [G]do.  
I [Em]heard you had left
no it [C]couldn't be [D]true
When [G]I think of [Em]angels
[C]I think of [G]you.

God[G]speed to you [Em]angel
wher[C]ever you [G]go  
although you have [Em]left   
I [C]want you to [G]know
My [Em]heart's full of sorrow
I [C]won't let it [D]show
[G]I´ll see you a[Em]gain   
[C]when it's my time to [G]go.  

When I think of angels
I think of you
And your flaming red hair
and the things that you do.
I heard you had left
no it couldn't be true
When I think of angels
I think of you.

Godspeed to you angel
wherever you go
although you have left
I want you to know
My heart's full of sorrow
I won't let it show
I´ll see you again
when it's my time to go.


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