When I Fall In Love

Song Author Edward Heyman og Victor Young Performer: The Lettermen Submitted by: jonagust

M[D]aybe I'm old - [Em7/9]fash - i[Em7]oned, [A7] f   [D]eeling[Edim] as I      [D7]do;   
M[G]aybe [G/F#]I'm jut l[A7]iving[Em7] in t    [A7]he p   [D]ast,
B[A7]ut w   [D]hen I meet the [Em7/9]right       [Em7]one,    [A7] I kn[D]ow that [Edim]I'll be[Cdim(iv)] true --         
[D7]My fi[G]rst l[G/F#]ove will[Em7] be     [G/B] my la[A7]st. [A7+5]    

W[D]hen I f[G]all  [A7/6] in lo     [D]ve, [G]    [A7]    [D]it will[Gdim] be f     [D]or -[G/B] ev - er [A7]    
[D]Or I'll n[G]ev - e[D]r   [Cdim]fall      [B7]in l   [Em7]ove. [G/B]    [A7]    
[Em7]In     [A7] a r   [D]estless w[Bm7]orld like[Em7/9] this       [Em7]is,     [A7]    
[Edim]Love is [D]ended bef[Dm7]ore it's beg[B7]un;   
[Cdim]And too [Em]many m[B+]oonlight k[Em7]isses [B7]    
[B7/F#]Seem to [Em]cool [B+]in the w[G6]armth[Em7] of the[A7sus4] sun.        [A7]    

[D]When I [G]giv  [A7/6]e my h     [D]eart[G],   [A7]    [D]it will[Gdim] be f     [D]or -[G/B] ev - er [A7]    
[D]Or I'll n[G]ev - [D]er   [Cdim]give      [B7]my h   [Em7]eart; [G/B]    [A7]    
[Em7]And t    [A7]he    [D]moment [D7]I can [Edim]feel t     [G]hat  
[Cdim]You      [F#m7]feel t     [B7]hat    [Cdim]way, t     [Em7]oo, [Gm7]    
Is w[D]hen I'll [Gdim]fall      [B7]in l   [E7]ove w[A7]ith y[D]ou. [Cdim(iv)]    [G]    [Gdim]    [D]    

Maybe I'm old - fash - ioned, feeling as I do;
Maybe I'm jut living in the past,
But when I meet the right one, I know that I'll be[Cdim(IV)] true --
My first love will be my last.

When I fall in love, it will be for - ev - er
Or I'll nev - er fall in love.
In a restless world like this is,
Love is ended before it's begun;
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun.

When I give my heart, it will be for - ev - er
Or I'll nev - er give my heart;
And the moment I can feel that
You feel that way, too,
Is when I'll fall in love with you. [Cdim(IV)]


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