What Will I Tell My Heart

Song Author Irving Gordon , Jack Lawrence og Peter Tinturin Performer: Eddy Howard Submitted by: kjartansverrisson

[Cdim]I'll t     [A]ry   [E7]to expla[A]in   [Am]to f   [A7/9]riends, dear, [A7]    
T[A]he re[D6]ason we [Bm7]two are a[Dm6]part.    
I k[A]now [F#m]what to [C#m7]tell      [Gdim]our fri[B7]ends, dear,
But [E7/6]what      [Edim]can I      [E7/6]tell my h[A6]eart? [Fdim]    [E7]    

[Cdim]It's e     [A]a - [E7]sy to s[A]ay   [Am]to s   [A7/9]trangers [A7]    
[A]That [D6]we played a g[Bm7]ame from the s[Dm6]tart;    
It's [A]ea -[F#m] sy to [C#m7]lie      [Gdim] to str[D]angers, [B7]    
But[E7/6] why      [Edim]tell a [E7/6]lie      [E]to your h[D9]eart? [Bm7-5]    [A]    

W[A]hen  [Am] I s   [A7/9]mile to h[A]ide all t[Am]he    [A7/9]tears ins[A]ide,
[Edim]What      [A7]an ac[D]he   [Em7]    [Edim] it w     [A7]ill b[D]ring;
[Gdim]Then I'll w[B7]ander home [B7/F#]    [Gdim] to a t[B7]elephone [B7/F#]    
That for[E]got h[A]ow  [Gdim] to      [Cdim]ring.     

I c[A]ould say y[E7]ou'll so[A]on   [Am]be    [A7/9]back, dear, [A7]    
[A]To f[D6]ool the whole t[Bm7]own may be sm[Dm6]art;    
I'll t[A]ell [F#m]them you'll[C#m7] soon     [Gdim] be b     [B7]ack, dear,
But[E7/6] what     [Edim] can I [E7/6]tell      [E]my he[A]art? [D9]    [Bm7-5]    [A]    

I'll try to explain to friends, dear,
The reason we two are apart.
I know what to tell our friends, dear,
But what can I tell my heart?

It's ea - sy to say to strangers
That we played a game from the start;
It's ea - sy to lie to strangers,
But why tell a lie to your heart? [Bm7-5]

When I smile to hide all the tears inside,
What an ache it will bring;
Then I'll wander home to a telephone
That forgot how to ring.

I could say you'll soon be back, dear,
To fool the whole town may be smart;
I'll tell them you'll soon be back, dear,
But what can I tell my heart? [Bm7-5]


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