What Is This Thing Called Love

Song Author Cole Porter Lyrics by: Cole Porter Performer: Artie Shaw Submitted by: Anonymous
[Bm7-5]What       [A7]is this thing [Gdim]called [Dm]love?
This [Fdim]funny t[E7]hing c[Bm7-5]alled l      [A]ove?
Just [A7]who can solve [Gdim]its m     [Dm]ystery?
[Fdim]Why sh     [E7]ould it make a[Bm7-5] fool of [A]me?  

[Am]I s   [D7]aw you there one [Am7]wonder[D7]ful d[G]ay;  
You t[F]ook my heart and t[Dm7]hrew it a[E]way.

T[E7]hat's why I a[A]sk the Lawd[Gdim] up      [A7]in H   [Dm]eaven above
What[Fdim] is t     [E7]his t[Bm7-5]hing called lo[A]ve?  

[Bm7-5]What is this thing called love?
This funny thing c[Bm7-5]alled love?
Just who can solve its mystery?
Why should it make a[Bm7-5] fool of me?

I saw you there one wonderful day;
You took my heart and threw it away.

That's why I ask the Lawd up in Heaven above
What is this t[Bm7-5]hing called love?


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