Weve Got A World That Swings

Song Author Louis Yule Brown og Lil Mattis Lyrics by: Louis Yule Brown og Lil Mattis Performer: Mel Tormé Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]Up at d[A]awning, s[Gm7]leepy and [Edim]yawning,
S[D]till the [C#m7-5]taste of w[B7]ine;   
[Em7]Then I re[A7]member you're m[D6]ine, [B7]and   
[Em7]I've got a w[A7]orld that's f[D]ine. [A7]    

Wh[D]at's befo[A]re me? R[Gm7]outines that [Edim]bore me,
[D]Punch the[C#m7-5] clock at e[B7]ight;
[Em7]Then I re[A7]member you're m[D6]ine, [B7]    
And [Em7]I've got a w[A7]orld that's g[D]reat.

[F#7]Atom     [Gdim]bombs,     [F#7] Cape [Gdim]Kennedy, f[Bm]alse al[F#7]arms; [Bm]    
Half the[Bm7-5] universe is [E]up in [Cdim]arms, [E7]    

So I[Bm7-5] flip a [Fdim]little, t[A]oo, un[G/B]til     [Cm7-5] I'm h      [E]old -[Cdim] ing      [Gdim]you.     

Wh[D]at's the [A]hassle? [Gm7]I'll buy the [Edim]castle --
[D]We can[C#m7-5] live like k[B7]ings.
[Em7]If we're toge[A7]ther for - [D6]ev - [B7]er,   
[Em7]I've got a w[A7]orld that, [F#m7]you've got a w[B7]orld that,
[G]We've [G/F#]got a w[Em7]orld t[A7]hat sw[D]ings.

Up at dawning, sleepy and yawning,
Still the [C#m7-5]taste of wine;
Then I remember you're mine, and
I've got a world that's fine.

What's before me? Routines that bore me,
Punch the[C#m7-5] clock at eight;
Then I remember you're mine,
And I've got a world that's great.

Atom bombs, Cape Kennedy, false alarms;
Half the[Bm7-5] universe is up in arms,

So I[Bm7-5] flip a little, too, until [Cm7-5] I'm hold - ing you.

What's the hassle? I'll buy the castle --
We can[C#m7-5] live like kings.
If we're together for - ev - er,
I've got a world that, you've got a world that,
We've got a world that swings.


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