Waiting for the sun

Song Author The Doors Lyrics by: Jim Morrison Performer: The Doors Submitted by: eask
[D7]    [G]    [Gm]    [D]    
[D]At   [D7]first flash of [G]Eden w[Gm]e raced down to the sea,
[D7]standing there [G]on fre[Gm]edom's shore.
[Eb]Wai   [F]ti  [G]ng for the sun, waiti[Eb]ng    [F]fo  [G]r the sun,wa[Eb]iti   [F]ng  [D] for the sun.

[D7]Can't you [G]feel it, now that[Gm] spring has come,
that[G] it's time to live i[Gm]n the scattered sun.

[Gm]Waiting, w[Bb]aiting, w[F]aiting[Gm], waiting. W[Gm]aiting for[F] you to [Gm]come al ong,
[Gm]waiting for[F] you to [Gm]hear my so ng.
[Gm]Waiting for[F] you to [Gm]come alo ng,
[Gm]waiting for[F] you to [Gm]tell me what went wro ng.
[Gm]This is[F] the st[Eb]rangest l[Dm]ife I've [Gm]ever known.

[Eb]Waiting[F] for [Gm]the sun.

[D]    [D]    [F]    [D]    [F]    [G]    

At first flash of Eden we raced down to the sea,
standing there on freedom's shore.
Waiting for the sun, waiting for the sun,waiting for the sun.

Can't you feel it, now that spring has come,
that it's time to live in the scattered sun.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for you to come al ong,
waiting for you to hear my so ng.
Waiting for you to come alo ng,
waiting for you to tell me what went wro ng.
This is the strangest life I've ever known.

Waiting for the sun.


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