Waiting A Lifetime

Song Author Webb Pierce Lyrics by: Webb Pierce Performer: Webb Pierce Submitted by: Anonymous

[G]Waiting a lifetime for [C]someone to [G]love
Someone that I'd call [D7]mine   
[G]Waiting a lifetime is [C]not any [G]fun  
I feel like I'm [D7]wasting my [G]time

[C]Someone to kiss [G]someone to miss
[D7]Who'd let me stay in their [G]heart
[C]Someone to hold when [G]nights grow cold
[A7]And say that we'd never [D7]part   

[G]Waiting a lifetime and [C]longing for [G]love
There must be someone for [D7]me   
[G]Where in my lifetime will [C]that someone [G]be  
That´s waiting for [D7]someone like [G]me  


Waiting a lifetime for someone to love
Someone that I'd call mine
Waiting a lifetime is not any fun
I feel like I'm wasting my time

Someone to kiss someone to miss
Who'd let me stay in their heart
Someone to hold when nights grow cold
And say that we'd never part

Waiting a lifetime and longing for love
There must be someone for me
Where in my lifetime will that someone be
That´s waiting for someone like me



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