Song Author Roger Waters Lyrics by: Roger Waters Performer: Dúndurfréttir og Pink Floyd Submitted by: gilsi
Does [G]anybody here re[D]member Vera L[Em]ynn ?
[C]Remembe[D]r how she said t[G]hat we wo[D]uld mee[C]t again

Some sunny [Em]day [Am]    [Em]    [Am]    [D]    [G]    [C]    [Em]    
[G]Vera! Vera!

[D] What has become of [Gmaj7]you ?      
[C] Does anybody [D]else in he[Em]re feel t[Bm]he way[C/E] I do? [Em]    

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn ?
Remember how she said that we would meet again

Some sunny day
Vera! Vera!

What has become of you ?
Does anybody else in here feel the way I do?


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