Song Author James Hetfield Lyrics by: Lars Ulrich Performer: Metallica Submitted by: erlnr
[Am]New blood joins this e[Em]arth   
and q[D]uickly he's sub-d[Am]ued.   
Though constant pain dis[Em]grace,
the [D]young boy learns their [Am]rules.
With time the child draws in[Em]    
this w[D]hipping boy done wr[Am]ong.   
the [D]young man struggles [Am]on and on. He knows
oo, a [C]vow unto his o[G]wn  
that n[C]ever from this d[G]ay  
hes wi[C]ll they'll take a-[G]away.

[Am]What iv'e [C]felt, what iv'e k[G]nown
never [Em]shined trough in what iv'e s[Am]hown.
N[Am]ever b[C]e. Never s[G]ee.  
Won't s[E]ee what might have b[Am]een.   
W[Am]hat iv'e f[C]elt, what iv'e kn[G]own,
never s[Em]hined though in what iv'e sho[Am]wn.   
N[Am]ever f[C]ree. Never [G]me.  
So i [E]dub the unf[Am]orgiven

New blood joins this earth
and quickly he's sub-dued.
Though constant pain disgrace,
the young boy learns their rules.
With time the child draws in
this whipping boy done wrong.
the young man struggles on and on. He knows
oo, a vow unto his own
that never from this day
hes will they'll take a-away.

What iv'e felt, what iv'e known
never shined trough in what iv'e shown.
Never be. Never see.
Won't see what might have been.
What iv'e felt, what iv'e known,
never shined though in what iv'e shown.
Never free. Never me.
So i dub the unforgiven


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