Song Author Tom Waits Lyrics by: Tom Waits Performer: Tom Waits Submitted by: cazteclo
[Cm]    [Cm/Bb]    [Ab]    [G7]    
[Cm]    [Cm/Bb]    [Ab]    [G7]    
Rattle [Cm]Big [Cm/Bb]Black       [Ab]Bones
[G7]in the [Cm]Dan - [Cm/Bb]ger       [Ab]zone   
[G7]there's a [Cm]rum -[Cm/Bb] blin' [Ab]groan
[Ab]down be[Dm7b5]low [G7]    
there's a [Fm]big dark [G7]town   
it's a [Cm]place [Cm/Bb]I've       [Ab7]found    
there's a [Ab7]world going [G7]on under[Cm]ground [Cm/Bb]    [Ab]    [G7]    

[Cm]    [Cm7/Bb]    [Ab]    
they're a[Cm]live   [Cm/Bb],       [Ab]    [G7] they're a[Cm]wake [Cm/Bb]    [Ab]    
[G7]while the [Cm]rest [Cm/Bb]of the       [Ab]world is a[Dm7b5]sleep [G7]    
below the [Fm]mine shaft [G7]roads
it will [Cm]all    [Cm/Bb]un - [Ab]fold   
there's a [Ab7]world going [G7]on under[Cm]ground [Cm/Bb]    [Ab]    [G7]    

all the [Cm]roots [Cm/Bb]hang       [Ab]down   
[G7]swing from [Cm]town [Cm/Bb]to       [Ab]town   
[G7]they are [Cm]mar - [Cm/Bb]ching       [Ab]around
down under your [Dm7b5]boots [G7]    
all the [Fm]trucks un[G7]load   
beyond the [Cm]go - [Cm/Bb]pher       [Ab7]holes    
there's a [Ab7]world going [G7]on under[Cm]ground [Cm/Bb]    [Ab]    [Cm]    [Cm/Bb]    [Ab]    [G7]    [Cm]    

Rattle Big Black Bones
in the Dan - ger zone
there's a rum - blin' groan
down below
there's a big dark town
it's a place I've found
there's a world going on underground

they're alive, they're awake
while the rest of the world is asleep
below the mine shaft roads
it will all un - fold
there's a world going on underground

all the roots hang down
swing from town to town
they are mar - ching around
down under your boots
all the trucks unload
beyond the go - pher holes
there's a world going on underground


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