Under A Blanket Of Blue

Song Author Al Neiburg , Jerry Livingston og Marty Symes Performer: Ella Fitzgerald og Louis Armstrong Submitted by: jonagust

[Bm7]Under a b[Dalt]lanket of [E7+5]blue,      [E7]    
[A]Just you and [C#m7] I be[C#m7-5]neath the [F#7]stars.
[Dalt]Wrapped in the [Bm7]arms of [E7/6]sweet romance, the n[A]ight[C#m7] is     [C#m7-5] ours. [F#7]    

[Bm7]Under a b[Dalt]lanket of [E7+5]blue,      [E7]    
[A]Let me be t[C#m7]hrilled b[C#m7-5]y all your c[F#7]harms,
[Dalt]Darling, I [Bm7]know my [E7/6]heart will [Fdim]dance with - [D9]in    [Bm7-5]your ar      [A]ms;  

A s[Em7]ummer nights m[A7]agic, enthr[D6]alling[Fdim] me      [D6]so.   
The n[B7]ight would[F#m7] be tr     [B7]agic,
If[Em7/9] you weren't here to s[A7]hare it, my [A7/6]dear     

[Bm7]Covered with[Dalt] heaven ab[E7+5]ove,      [E7]    
[A]Let's dream a[C#m7] dream of[C#m7-5] love for [F#7]two,    
[Dalt]Wrapped in the [Bm7]arms of [E7/6]sweet ro[Fdim]mance, un[D9]der a [Bm7-5]blanket of b[A]lue.

Under a blanket of blue,
Just you and I be[C#m7-5]neath the stars.
Wrapped in the arms of sweet romance, the night is[C#m7-5] ours.

Under a blanket of blue,
Let me be thrilled b[C#m7-5]y all your charms,
Darling, I know my heart will dance with - in [Bm7-5]your arms;

A summer nights magic, enthralling me so.
The night would be tragic,
If you weren't here to share it, my dear

Covered with heaven above,
Let's dream a dream of[C#m7-5] love for two,
Wrapped in the arms of sweet romance, under a [Bm7-5]blanket of blue.


  • Bm7
  • Dalt: not exist
  • E7aug5: not exist
  • E7
  • A
  • C#m7
  • F#7
  • E7/6
  • Fdim
  • D9
  • Em7
  • A7
  • D6
  • B7
  • F#m7
  • Em7/9
  • A7/6

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