Two For The Road

Song Author Henry Mancini og Leslie Bricusse Performer: Henry Mancini Submitted by: Anonymous

[E7]If you're [Cdim]feel - ing [Cm7]fancy free, [Cm7-5]    
Come [Gdim]wonder t[Edim]hrough the w[Bm9]orld with [Bm7/E]me.      
And [G]any [G/F#]place we c[Edim]hance to [A7]be   
Will[Em7] be     [Edim]our      [Dsus4]ren - d      [D]ez - [Dm7]vous.    

[D7]Two   [D7sus4] for t       [D7]he r   [Bm]oad we'll [F#7]travel[C#m7-5] down the y[Bm]ears,
Col - [F#7]lec - ting[C#m7-5] pre - cious [G6]mem - o - r[G/B]ies.    
Se - [E7-9]lec - ting[Bm7-5] sou - ve - [Am]nirs [Am+7]    
And [E7]liv - [Dm7]ing l    [E7]ife    [Dm]the    [Am]way    [E7]we pl[A]ease.

[E7]In sum - mer [Cdim]time the [Cm7]sun will shine,[Cm7-5]    
In [Edim]win - ter [Gdim]we'll drink [Bm9]sum - mer [Bm7/E]wine.      
And [G]ev' - ry [G/F#]day that[Edim] you are m[A7]ine   
[Em7]Will    [Edim] be a      [Dsus4]love - ly d[D]ay.  [Dm7]    

[D7]As    [D7sus4] long        [D7]as l   [G9]ove still [G/F#]wears a [Gdim]smile,     
[A7]I    [Dalt]know that [Bm]we'll be [Em]two for the [Edim]road,     
[G]And t[D]hat's [G]a l  [Em7]ong,     [A7+5]long w     [D]hile.

If you're feel - ing fancy free, [Cm7-5]
Come wonder through the world with me.
And any place we chance to be
Will be our ren - dez - vous.

Two for the road we'll travel[C#m7-5] down the years,
Col - lec - ting[C#m7-5] pre - cious mem - o - ries.
Se - [E7-9]lec - ting[Bm7-5] sou - ve - nirs
And liv - ing life the way we please.

In sum - mer time the sun will shine,[Cm7-5]
In win - ter we'll drink sum - mer wine.
And ev' - ry day that you are mine
Will be a love - ly day.

As long as love still wears a smile,
I know that we'll be two for the road,
And that's a long, long while.


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