Two Different Worlds

Song Author Sid Wayne og Al Frisch Performer: Don Rondo Submitted by: Anonymous

[D]Noth[D9]ing m[D]att  [D9]ers if[F#m] I am [F#m/E]yours and [G/B]you     [A7sus4] are m       [A7]ine.   

[D]Two different [F#m]worlds, [Bm7] we live in [G]two different w[G/F#]orlds [Em7]    
For [Gdim]we've been t[D]old that a l[F#m]ove like [Bm7]ours    
Could n[G]ev - [A7]er    [D]be.  [F#m]    [Bm7]    [G]    [A]    

[D]So far ap[F#m]art, [Bm7] they say we're [G]so far ap[G/F#]art [Em7]    
And [Edim]that we h[D]aven't the r[F#m]ight to c[Bm7]hange our d[G]estin[Em7]y.     [F#7]    

[G]When will they l[G/F#]earn, [A7]    
That a [F#7]heart doesn't d[Bm]raw a l[Bm/E]ine.     
Nothing m[E7/9]atters if [A]I am yours [Em7] and [Em7sus4] you         [Em7]are     [A7]mine.

[D]Two different w[F#m]orlds [Bm7] we live in t[G]wo different [G/F#]worlds [Em7]    
But[Edim] we will s[D]how them [F#m]as we [Bm7]walk tog[G]ether[G/F#] in the [Em7]sun,     [F#7]    
That our [G]two different [G/F#]worlds [Em7]    [A7]are o[D]ne.  

Nothing matters if I am yours and you are mine.

Two different worlds, we live in two different worlds
For we've been told that a love like ours
Could nev - er be.

So far apart, they say we're so far apart
And that we haven't the right to change our destiny.

When will they learn,
That a heart doesn't draw a line.
Nothing matters if I am yours and you are mine.

Two different worlds we live in two different worlds
But we will show them as we walk together in the sun,
That our two different worlds are one.


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