Trust In Me

Song Author Jean Schwartz , Milton Ager og Ned Wever Lyrics by: Jean Schwartz , Milton Ager og Ned Wever Performer: Eddie Fisher Submitted by: Anonymous
T[D6]rust in [D]me in [F#m]all you [Em7]do;    
H[G9]ave the [Edim]faith I [Cdim]have in [Em7]you.    
[G9]Love will[Edim] see us [Cdim]through
If [A]on -[Em7] ly y    [A7]ou t   [D]rust in [B7]me. [Em7]    [G/B]    [A7]    

[D6]Come to [D]me when t[F#m]hings go[Em7] wrong
[G9]Cling to[Edim] me and [Cdim]I'll be s[Em7]trong    
[G9]We can [Edim]get a     [Cdim]long,      [A]as l[Em7]ong y    [A7]ou'll [Edim]trust in [G]me. [D]    

Wh[D]ile t[F#m]here's[D7/9] a m     [G]oon on h[A]igh,
Wh[A]ile t[A9]here's [A]a bi[D]rd to [Bm]fly   
W[D]hile t[D6]here's [D]a   [Em7]you and [G]I  
[Em]You    [Em6]can     [Em]be s   [Bm]ure   [Bm7/E] I       [A7/6]love      [A7]you   

[D6]Stand be[D]side me [F#m]all the [Em7]while    
[G9]Face the[Edim] future [Cdim]with a s[Em7]mile    
[G9]Trust in[Edim] me and [Cdim]I'll be wo[A]rth -[Em7] y     [A7]of y   [D]ou.  

Trust in me in all you do;
Have the faith I have in you.
Love will see us through
If on - ly you trust in me.

Come to me when things go wrong
Cling to me and I'll be strong
We can get along, as long you'll trust in me.

While there's a moon on high,
While there's a bird to fly
While there's a you and I
You can be sure I love you

Stand beside me all the while
Face the future with a smile
Trust in me and I'll be worth - y of you.


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  • A7/6

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