Time And The River

Song Author Wally Gold og Aaron Schroeder Lyrics by: Wally Gold og Aaron Schroeder Performer: Nat King Cole Submitted by: Anonymous
T[A]ime [Am7]and t    [A]he   [E]river will b[D9]ring my [Bm7]love to[C#m7] me;     
If I m[D]ust, Ill w[D9]ait f[D]or - [A]ev - er [F#m]    
By the r[G]iver[G/F#] that[Bm7-5] took her[E7-9] to the s[A]ea.  

[A]Here[Am7] by t    [A]he   [E]river, we l[D9]oved, we[Bm7] laughed, [C#m7]we cried
But with t[D]ime, my l[D9]ove, [D]my d[A]arling [F#m]    
Left my [G]arms [G/F#]and was [E7-9]gone      [Bm7-5]with the ti[A]des.

How [F#m]long I've been [C#m7]lonely! Star of l[D]ove; [Bm7-5]shine br[A]ight.
I n[F#m]eed her, oh, l[D]ead her to my a[B7]rms toni[E]ght.

[A]Time and the [E]river -- how s[D9]wiftly t[Bm7]hey go[C#m7] by.     
But my h[D]eart will beat f[D9]or no [A]other [F#m]    
Til time stands s[D9]till   [Bm7-5] and the [E7-9]river      [Fdim]runs d     [A]ry.  

Time and the river will bring my love to me;
If I must, Ill wait for - ev - er
By the river that[Bm7-5] took her[E7-9] to the sea.

Here by the river, we loved, we laughed, we cried
But with time, my love, my darling
Left my arms and was [E7-9]gone [Bm7-5]with the tides.

How long I've been lonely! Star of love; [Bm7-5]shine bright.
I need her, oh, lead her to my arms tonight.

Time and the river -- how swiftly they go by.
But my heart will beat for no other
Til time stands still[Bm7-5] and the [E7-9]river runs dry.


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