Till The Last Leaf Shall Fall

Song Author Carol Smith , Jack Rhodes og Sonny James Performer: Carol Smith og Sonny James Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]Well my life is in Thy [G7]hands oh [C]Lord
I give it [G7]all to [C]Thee
And until [G7]death I [C]carry on
Till the [F]last leaf shall [G7]fall from the [C]tree [F]    

[C]Well I come to Jesus [G7]as you [C]are  
Weary [G7]alone and [C]sad  
I found in [G7]Him a [C]resting place
And [F]He has made me [G7]glad   

Oh [C]King of kings take [G7]hold of [C]me  
Let me teach Thy [G7]love for [C]Thee
Can't you feel His [G7]love pleading [C]with your heart
Oh [F]give Thy soul to [G7]Me   

Oh [C]shine your light let your [G7]sad heart [C]sing
Lift up Thy [G7]voice with [C]Me  
His love will [G7]guide you [C]to His arms
When the [F]last leaf shall [G7]fall from the [C]tree[F]    [C]    

Well my life is in Thy hands oh Lord
I give it all to Thee
And until death I carry on
Till the last leaf shall fall from the tree

Well I come to Jesus as you are
Weary alone and sad
I found in Him a resting place
And He has made me glad

Oh King of kings take hold of me
Let me teach Thy love for Thee
Can't you feel His love pleading with your heart
Oh give Thy soul to Me

Oh shine your light let your sad heart sing
Lift up Thy voice with Me
His love will guide you to His arms
When the last leaf shall fall from the tree


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