This Is No Laughing Matter

Song Author Charlie Spivak Lyrics by: Charlie Spivak Performer: Charlie Spivak Orchestra Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]I have a f[Am7]eeling that s[G]omething is w[Cdim]rong,     
[G9]We've known each [Em7]other too [Cdim]well and too l[D7]ong,   

[G]This [G9]is    [G]no   [Cdim]laugh -[Edim] ing m     [Am7]atter [D7]-- s   [Em7]ome - [Em]how    [Em7] I     [Fdim]want      [Em7]to     [Am7]cry     [D7]    
[Am7]I     [Edim]know your s[D9]weet [Am7]and     [G]id - [D9]le    [Am7]chat - [D7]ter    [Am7]real - [Am]ly m   [Am7]eans     [Cdim]good - [G]bye.[D7]    

[G]This [G9]is    [G]no   [Cdim]laugh -[Edim] ing m     [Am7]atter;[D7]    [Em]I th   [Em7]ought [Em]we'd [Fdim]nev -     [Em7] er     [Am7]part.    [D7]    
[Am7]This    [Edim] is no [D9]time [Am7]for pr[G]et - [D9]ty    [Am7]pat - [G]ter [Am7]while y[Am]ou b   [Am7]reak    [Cdim] my h     [G]eart.

W[Am7]hat of all the m[D9]oon d[D7/9]reams s[C9]hared to[Am]gether
B[F]eside the g[G]ar -[Fdim] den w     [C]all?
L[Em7]ove can't always h[D9]ave    [Am7]that     [G9]perfect [Em]weather --
[C]A l  [C/B]ittle r[D9]ain    [Am7]must f[D7]all.   

[G]Think [G9]of t   [G]he   [Cdim]dreams [Edim]you'll s[Am7]hatter[D7]    [Em7] if     [Em]you s[Em7]hould    [Fdim] say      [Em7]we're th[Am7]rough    [D7];   
[Am7]This    [Edim] is no l[D9]augh -[Am7] ing     [G]ma - [D9]ter, [Am7]Dar - l[G]ing, [Am7]I'm     [Am]in    [Am7]love     [Cdim]with y     [G]ou.  

I have a feeling that something is wrong,
We've known each other too well and too long,

This is no laugh - ing matter -- some - how I want to cry
I know your sweet and id - le chat - ter real - ly means good - bye.

This is no laugh - ing matter; I thought we'd nev - er part.
This is no time for pret - ty pat - ter while you break my heart.

What of all the moon dreams shared together
Beside the gar - den wall?
Love can't always have that perfect weather --
A little rain must fall.

Think of the dreams you'll shatter if you should say we're through;
This is no laugh - ing ma - ter, Dar - ling, I'm in love with you.


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