This Is All I Ask

Song Author Gordon Jenkins Lyrics by: Gordon Jenkins Performer: Tony Bennett Submitted by: Anonymous
[G7]As    [C]I appr[Edim]oach the p[Dm7]rime of my l[G7]ife,   
I [Dm7]find I [G7]have the [Cdim]time of my li[C]fe  
[C/B]Learning to e[F]njoy at my l[Fdim]eisure     
[Em]All the [B7]simple p[Edim]leasures,
[F]And so I [G]hap - pi - ly conc[C]ede [E7]    
[A7]This is[Cm7-5] all       [A7]I    [Dm7]ask,    [Dm7-5]    [G7]    
[Dm7]This is [G7]all    [Fdim] I n     [C]eed. [Edim]    [Dm7]    

[G7]Beau - [Am7]ti -     [G/B]ful g    [C]irls,[Am]    [Edim]walk a little sl[Gdim]ower     
[Dm7]When you[Fdim] walk [G7]by    [C]me;  
[G7]Lin - g[Am7]er -     [G/B]ing s    [C7]unsets,
[Dm]Stay a[Am] little l[Dm6]onger [B7] with the [Cm7]lone - [Am7]ly s    [B7]ea.   
[Cdim]Children [B7]everyw[Em]here, [B+]when you shoot at [Em7]bad men,
[Em6]Shoot at [A7]me [Em7]    [A7]    
[Am7]Take me[Am7-5] to that st[D7]range, ench[Am7]anted l[D7]and   
[Dm7]Grown-ups s[Am7]eldom    [Em7-5] un - ders - [G7+]tand.    

[G7]Wan - [Am7]der - [G/B]ing r    [C]ainbows,[Am]    [Edim]leave a bit of [Gdim]color     

[Dm7]For my [Fdim]heart      [G7]to o   [C]wn;  
[G7]Stars[Am7] in     [G/B]the s    [C7]ky, [Dm] make my wish [Gdim]come t     [Dm]rue   
[B7]Before the [C]night[Cdim] has fl[Am]own,   

And[Asus4] let t      [Am]he m   [Fm7]usic     [E7-9]play as l[B7]ong as th[Em]ere's a s[C9]ong    [Am7]to     [Edim]sing,     
A[A7]nd    [Dm7] I     [Dm7-5]will stay y[G7]ounger [Fdim]than Spr[C]ing.

As I approach the prime of my life,
I find I have the time of my life
Learning to enjoy at my leisure
All the simple pleasures,
And so I hap - pi - ly concede
This is[Cm7-5] all I ask,[Dm7-5]
This is all I need.

Beau - ti - ful girls, walk a little slower
When you walk by me;
Lin - ger - ing sunsets,
Stay a little longer with the lone - ly sea.
Children everywhere, when you shoot at bad men,
Shoot at me
Take me[Am7-5] to that strange, enchanted land
Grown-ups seldom[Em7-5] un - ders - tand.

Wan - der - ing rainbows, leave a bit of color

For my heart to own;
Stars in the sky, make my wish come true
Before the night has flown,

And let the music [E7-9]play as long as there's a song to sing,
And I [Dm7-5]will stay younger than Spring.


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