They Didn´t Believe Me

Song Author Herbert Reynolds og Jerome Kern Performer: Julie London Submitted by: jonagust

[G]And w[Em]hen I t[Am]old    [Am+5]them      [D9] how b[Am7]eauti    [D7]ful you a[G]re, [G/F#]    [E7]    
They [Fdim]didn't be[Am]lieve[Am+5] me,      [D9] they d[Am7]idn't [D7]beli   [G]eve  [Am7] me    [Alt]. [G]    
Your [Edim]lips, your [Am7]eyes, your c[Cm]heeks, your h[D9]air,   
Are in a c[Bm7]lass be[Am7]yond com[G]pare;
[Em6]You're the l[Bm]oveliest [Bm+7]girl      [Bm7]    [Bm6]that     [G7]one c[F#7]ould s[Bm]ee.   
And [E7-9]when I [Am]tell [Am+5]them,      [D9]    
And I'm [D7sus4]certainly [D7]going to t[G]ell [G/F#]them,      [Em]    
That [Em7]I'm the [Am]man    [Am+5] whose w[D9]ife you'll [D7]one day [Dm6]be, [E7]    
They'll [E7-9]never bel[Am]ieve   [Am+5] me,      [Cm] they'll [Cm7]never be[Bm7-5]lieve       [E7]me,   
That [E7-9]from this g[Am]reat big [Am+7]world you've [Am7]cho - [Am6]sen     [Dm7-5] me, [E7]    
That [E7-9]from this g[Am]reat big [Bm7]world you've [C]cho - [Cm]sen    [G6]me.   

And when I told them how beautiful you are,
They didn't believe me, they didn't believe me.
Your lips, your eyes, your cheeks, your hair,
Are in a class beyond compare;
You're the loveliest girl that one could see.
And [E7-9]when I tell them,
And I'm certainly going to tell them,
That I'm the man whose wife you'll one day be,
They'll [E7-9]never believe me, they'll never be[Bm7-5]lieve me,
That [E7-9]from this great big world you've cho - sen [Dm7-5] me,
That [E7-9]from this great big world you've cho - sen me.


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