There! Ive Said It Again

Song Author Dave Mann og Redd Evans Performer: Bobby Vinton Submitted by: jonagust

[Dm7-5]I lo      [A]ve you, [A7] there's [Em7]nothing to hi[A7]de;   
[A7+5]It's b     [D]etter[D6] than [Cdim]burning ins[B7]ide.   
[Bm7-5]I lo[A]ve you,[Am7] no    [Gdim] use to pret[F#7]end --
[F#m]There! I've s[Bm7]aid it a[Bm7-5]gain. [E7]    

[E7-5]I've s     [A]aid it,[A7] what [Em7]more can I [A7]say?   
[A7+5]Be - lie[D]ve me, [D6] there's[Cdim] no other w[B7]ay.   
[Bm7-5]I l      [A]ove you,[Am7] I [Gdim]will to the [F#7]end --
F#m E7/6 D9 - A - A7
There! I've said it again.

[Em7]I've tried to d[A7]rum up a p[G/B]hrase that would [A7]sum up
A[D]ll that I [Em7]feel     [A7+5] for y     [D]ou. [Dm7]    [D7]    [D6]    
But [F#m7]what good are ph[B7]rases? The [F#m7]thought that am[B7]azes   
Is [E7]you love me, and it's [Bb9]heavenly.

[E7]For-g[A]ive me [A7] for w[Em7]anting you [A7]so,   
[A7+5]But o     [D]ne thing[D6] I [Cdim]want you to k[B7]now;   
[Bm7-5]I've lo      [A]ved you [Am7] since[Gdim] heaven knows [F#7]when --
[F#m]There! I've [E7/6]said it ag[A]ain. [Am7]    [F#m]    

Last Time:
T[F#m]here! I've [E7/6]said it [E7] a - g[D9]ain.   [Bbm7]    [A]    

[Dm7-5]I love you, there's nothing to hide;
It's better than burning inside.
[Bm7-5]I love you, no use to pretend --
There! I've said it a[Bm7-5]gain.

[E7-5]I've said it, what more can I say?
Be - lieve me, there's no other way.
[Bm7-5]I love you, I will to the end --
F#m E7/6 D9 - A - A7
There! I've said it again.

I've tried to drum up a phrase that would sum up
All that I feel for you.
But what good are phrases? The thought that amazes
Is you love me, and it's heavenly.

For-give me for wanting you so,
But one thing I want you to know;
[Bm7-5]I've loved you since heaven knows when --
There! I've said it again.

Last Time:
There! I've said it a - gain.


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