There I Go

Song Author Hy Zaret og Irving Weiser Lyrics by: Hy Zaret og Irving Weiser Performer: Vaughn Monroe Submitted by: Anonymous
[D9]There [Dm7] I     [D6]go, l[G]eading with my [Gdim]heart again;
And t[D9]here   [Dm7] I     [Bm7]go, ac[G]ting not so s[Edim]mart again.
But th[D]ough it's unw[B7]ise, [G] I can't disg[A7]uise   [A7+5] my lo     [D]ve.  [Bm]    [G]    [A7]    

[D9]Though[Dm7] I k    [D6]now t[G]oo much love may [Gdim]curb the fire,
Yet, [D9]there[Dm7] I     [Bm7]go, l    [G]ed astray by[Edim] my desire --
There's [D]no golden r[B7]ule    [G] to guide a f[A7]ool    [A9]in lo[D]ve.  [G]    [D]    [C#7]    

[Bb]I tell my heart, "Be c[A]areful,
Or you'll f[D]ind that you d[E7]ream al[A]one."
[Bb]I'm wise it's true, what g[D]ood does it[Cdim] do?     
My h[Em]eart has a [Em7]mind of its o[A]wn.  

[D9]There[Dm7] I     [D6]go, s[G]pilling all the [Gdim]dreams I knew,
And t[D9]here   [Dm7] I     [Bm7]go th[G]rillingly in [Edim]love with you.
[D]Don't know if you ca[B7]re,    [G]Darling, but t[A7]here   [A9] I    [D]go.  [G]    [D]    

There I go, leading with my heart again;
And there I go, acting not so smart again.
But though it's unwise, I can't disguise my love.

Though I know too much love may curb the fire,
Yet, there I go, led astray by my desire --
There's no golden rule to guide a fool in love.

I tell my heart, "Be careful,
Or you'll find that you dream alone."
I'm wise it's true, what good does it do?
My heart has a mind of its own.

There I go, spilling all the dreams I knew,
And there I go thrillingly in love with you.
Don't know if you care, Darling, but there I go.


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