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Song Author Steve Allen og George Duning Lyrics by: Steve Allen og George Duning Performer: The McGuire Sisters Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]On a[Dm7] picnic [Bm9]morning
[E7/9]With - [E7]out a warn - [E7/9]ing     
I lo[Dm7]oked at [B7]you a[G]nd   [G/F#]some - [A9]how    [A7/9] I k[D]new [Fdim]    [Em7]    [A7]    

[D]On a [Dm7]day for [Bm9]sing - ing,
[E7/9]My he     [E7]art went wing -[E7/9] ing     
A [Dm7]pic - nic g[B7]rove w[G]as   [G/F#]our r     [A9]en - [A7/9]dez - v[D]ous  [Fdim]    [Em7]    [A7]    [D]    

[D6]You and[Em7] I     [A9] in the [Dm7]sunshine; [D6]    
We s[Em7]trolled the fi[A9]elds amd f[Dm7]arms. [D6]    
At the [Bm7]last     [Bm7/E]light of [F#m]evening, [F#m7]    
I h[G]eld [G/F#]you      [G/B]in my [A7sus4]arms.        [A7]    

[D]So when d[Dm7]ays grow [Bm9]stormy
[E7/9]And l     [E7]one - ly[E7/9] for me
I [Dm7]just re - c[B7]all p[G]ic -[G/F#] nic t     [A9]ime    [A7/9]and y     [D]ou.  [Bb9]    [Em7]    [A7]    [D]    

On a picnic morning
With - out a warn - ing
I looked at you and some - how I knew

On a day for sing - ing,
My heart went wing - ing
A pic - nic grove was our ren - dez - vous

You and I in the sunshine;
We strolled the fields amd farms.
At the last light of evening,
I held you in my arms.

So when days grow stormy
And lone - ly for me
I just re - call pic - nic time and you.


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