The World Turns All Around Her

Performer: The Byrds
[D]    [C]    [G]    [D]    
Well [D]if you think she's [C]everything you [G]could [D]want
And [D]if you think she's [C]everything that [G]could [D]be  
Well [Em]I still think the [C]world turns all a[A]round her
And [Em]I still wish that [C]she belonged to [D]me  

I [D]don't know how I [C]ever could [G]thought [D]that
I'd [D]let her go and [C]still be just the [G]sam  [D]e  
Well [Em]I found out my [C]world turned all a[A]round her
And [Em]every where I [C]go I hear her [D]name

[G]Somewhere a[D]long the [G]way I [D]don't know [Em]why   
I [G]thought that [D]I would [G]want to [D]let her [Em]go   
But [G]now when[D]ever [G]I see [D]her with [Em]you I
[G]Real[D]ize how [G]much I [Em]didn't [A]know

So [D]if you tell her [C]everyday you [G]love [D]her  
And [D]if you tell her [C]everything she [G]could [D]be  
You'll [Em]find out that your [C]world will turn a[A]round her
You'll [Em]feel the same if you [C]should set her [D]free

[D]    [C]    [G]    [D]    

Well if you think she's everything you could want
And if you think she's everything that could be
Well I still think the world turns all around her
And I still wish that she belonged to me

I don't know how I ever could thought that
I'd let her go and still be just the same
Well I found out my world turned all around her
And every where I go I hear her name

Somewhere along the way I don't know why
I thought that I would want to let her go
But now whenever I see her with you I
Realize how much I didn't know

So if you tell her everyday you love her
And if you tell her everything she could be
You'll find out that your world will turn around her
You'll feel the same if you should set her free


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