The River of No Return

[D]There is[Dsus4] a r      [D7]iver called the [G]river of [Em7]no ret[D]urn;
[D]Somet[F#m7]imes it's p[Bm]eaceful,[Bm7] and s[G]ometimes [Em7]wild     [G/B]and f    [A7]ree!   
[D]Love is[Dsus4] a t      [D7]rav'ler on the r[G]iver of [Em7]no re    [D]turn,
[D]Swept[F#m7] on for[Bm]ever [Bm7] to be [A7]lost in a [Em7]stor - [A7]my s   [D]ea.  

[A7]Wail-a-[D]ree [F#m] I can [Em7]hear the [A7]river c[D]all (no return, no return)
W[A7]here the [G]roarin' [Em7]waters f[D]all,
[A7]Wail-a-r[D]ee   [F#m] I can [Bm7]hear my lover [Bm7/E]call, "Come to[E7] me" [A7]    

[A7]I l   [G]ost [A7]my l   [D]ove on[Dsus4] the r      [D7]iver, and for[G]ever my h[Em7]eart will y[D]earn;
[D]Gone, [F#m7]gone for[Bm]ever [Bm7] down the [Em7]river of[G/B] no     [A7]re - tur[D]n.  
[A7]Wail-a-r[D]ee [Dm7] wail-a-[Bm]ree [Bm7]    [Bm7/E]    
You'll [G]never[G/F#] re -      [Em7]turn     [A7]to    [D]me! ([D]no   [D6]ret   [D]urn, [D]no   [D6]ret   [D]urn, [D]no   [D6]ret   [D]urn)

There is a river called the river of no return;
Sometimes it's peaceful, and sometimes wild and free!
Love is a trav'ler on the river of no return,
Swept on forever to be lost in a stor - my sea.

Wail-a-ree I can hear the river call (no return, no return)
Where the roarin' waters fall,
Wail-a-ree I can hear my lover call, "Come to me"

I lost my love on the river, and forever my heart will yearn;
Gone, gone forever down the river of no re - turn.
Wail-a-ree wail-a-ree
You'll never re - turn to me! (no return, no return, no return)


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